Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

Just another Monday! This weekend was quite exciting and fun-packed! Friday, I left school at 8am, to go to the beach with my best friends Megan, only to find out the beaches were closed due to the tsunami wanrings, that was kind of a bummer. Instead we decided to go to the Orange Circle for breakfast at The Filing Station, you must try it! After we headed back to my house to lay out by my pool.
      Later that night Mom, Dad, Ryan (my brother), and Noah (my nephew) went to "Dancing Upon Injustice"at my church! It was a collaboration of dance groups raising money for World Vision! Little Noah loved that! Saturday I ran errands and bonded with mom all day before we went to one of my friends dads 60th bday party! There I got to hang with Meg and Kails cause they were back for spring break!
       Ended the weekend by taking a drive to Mikey's house and going out for a ride on the Rhino, while the boys rode their dirt bikes!
        Currently I am sitting in my bible class, trying to stay awake. Tonight I am teaching ballet and tap at a local studio here in Azusa, and I can't wait!

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