Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Beginnings

So, I have decided to start a new blog. My last blog was more of a picture memoir and I want this one to be a memoir of my life. I am excited to share thoughts and exciting events that are happening in my life! There will still be plenty of pictures and quotes, just more me in this blog!

I will start off with my weekend! Friday evening my wonderful boyfriend, Mikey, picked me up from school only to tell me that we were going ice skating with some friends and family! What started off as a rocky beginning on the ice turned out to be smooth sailing and fun. After we decided to take a break from the cold and jumped in Mikey's cousin hot tub... ohh I love a good soak! Saturday, Mikey, a few friends, and I went to a conference for a new coffee company called Boresha B Skinny Coffee. Pretty much, the company has a billion dollar patent on a coffee and tea product that burns off fat. This is the real deal! If you want to learn more about it go to Mikey's website: (he is a distributer for the company) After a long day, we went out to chinese with some friends and watched supercross! Topped off Sunday with sleeping in a doing some much needed cleaning in Mikey's room. 

Now I have to face a week full of papers and fun, Weekend come soon! 

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